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JMReader allows users to read a digital book like a real book
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JMReader is a simple but handy application that allows users to read a digital book like if they were reading a real book. The program simulates a real book, separating the book in pages and dividing it in paragraph intelligently. Users can read the book in full screen and set it to show 1 or to pages at the same time. The user interface is not really attractive, but at least it is very easy to use and pretty customizable. The user can the page, text and line color, as well as the font and margins. Users can create cards that can help them identify the different books they have. These include the title, author, content, and memo. They can also create bookmarks that can help them mark specific things or just the development of the reading. The program allows users to pass the different pages one by one or directly select the page they want to read. The text of the book can be easily edited, copied, and looked through using the search function. Users can also create a list of favorite books that can be easily cleared whenever they want.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to use
  • Pretty customizable


  • Not very attractive user interface with a few spelling mistakes
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